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A Visual Novel of Our Survivors


We're celebrating the bold, brave and beautiful survivors in our community! Without their strength and courage, this would not have been possible! Enjoy and please donate so that we can continue helping the underinsured women and men affected by this disease.


Our Bold and Brave Survivors

Diana E. Kelly

Leslye Webb-Keith

Shawna Brady-Lake

Petra Matthew

Cassandra Dunn

Elizabeth Bell Harding

Michelle Gibbs

Tezah Waters

Yvonne Ashley Galiber​​


Our Other Grateful Survivors

Yemaya Jones

Yolanda Woodson

Shermel Brown

Sarah Fleming Mahurt


Makeup Artists

Diamond Ritter

Kristi Krieger

Merle Wynter

Merlisa George



Yemaya's Color Improvisations, Inc.


Creative Direction

Dionysius Burton, DioBurto Photography

Djeneé Dunn, D.TAMU


Board of Directors

Yvonne Ashley Galiber

Cassandra Dunn

Leslye Webb-Keith

Michelle Gibbs

Sarah Mahurt, PhD



WJTX Studio, St. Croix USVI



Funded in part by Limetree Bay Terminals, LLC

St. Croix USVI

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