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This program pays the cost of screening mammograms and, if recommended by a YAGF funded screening mammogram report, the cost of your diagnostic mammogram.


At this time, the program is unable to fund medical examinations, biopsies or pathology services. Mammogram results that are suspicious for cancer require biopsies for further evaluation. If your biopsy is positive for breast cancer, significant atypia or a papilloma, you should consult a surgeon and/or oncologist for treatment. Mammography requires brief compression of your breasts. The discomfort from this is minimized when the mammogram is done 7 to 10 days after your last menstrual period, or during a time when your breasts are least tender.


  • Mammograms are provided for those who are uninsured and not a MAP (Medical Assistance Program) recipient. The baseline is 35 to 40 years of age and thereafter, 40 years of age annually.

  • It is recommended that a First Degree Relative of someone who has had breast cancer get a screening up to 10 years prior to the start of their annual screenings.

  • Mammograms will be taken at the Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center/Women's Suite OR the  Imaging Center, PC St. Croix.

  • All mammogram recipients will commit to volunteer during at least one (1) YAGF, Inc. event during the year following the   sponsored mammogram

Disclaimer: Mammography will not detect all breast cancers. Greater breast cancer detection occurs if you do monthly breast self-exams, regular physical exams, annual screening mammograms, and all diagnostic exams that may be recommended on the mammogram report(s).


If you have any questions, please contact us at or 340-332-9115 before filling out the application.


You may email your completed application to or submit it by mail:

Yvonne Ashley Galiber Foundation, Inc.

PO Box 356

Christiansted, VI 00821

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