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Celebrating the Superheroes in Scrubs: Ways to Thank Your Nurses during Nurse Appreciation Week

Nurses fill multiple roles for patients, especially for those battling breast cancer. A medical professional, a support system, a friend — The relationships many patients form with their nurses are high points in their treatment. From diagnosis to survivorship, a good nurse remains by your side. We encourage patients and their families to celebrate and thank the great nurses encountered on your journey!

Ways to thank your nurses this Nurse Appreciation Week:

Thank You Card

Few things to a handwritten, heartfelt thank you card. Write a thank you card emphasizing your gratitude for your nurse. If comfortable, share a story of when their support made its greatest impact on you. The card does not have to be expensive or grand, the message inside will deem it invaluable. Deliver your card in person for added care.

Small Gifts

While gifts are never expected, they are always appreciated. Share a small, useful gift with your nurse to show how grateful you are for their support. A few of the items listed below are always appreciated by nurses:

  • Flowers

  • Coffee/Lunch Gift Cards

  • Compression Socks

Public Recognition

Social media has its benefits, and occasionally, public recognition can make one feel warm and fuzzy! Share a post celebrating your nurse and how they positively impacted your journey.

Remember, your thank you means a great deal to your nurses. While gifts and heartfelt messages are great, a simple thank you is always enough to put a smile on your nurse's face.


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