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Three Tips for Staying Hydrated This Summer

Summer means higher temps, more outdoor activities, and more opportunities for dehydration. As you likely know, proper hydration is essential to every system in the body. Though our busy schedules and life events may make it easy to neglect proper hydration, we’ve compiled a short list of ways that you can work it into your day with ease!

Habit Stack

Habit stacking is an easy way to incorporate any new task more easily but tacking it onto a task that has already been firmly established in your routine. For example, you wake up each morning and likely use the restroom, brush your teeth, etc. Try drinking water a glass of water when you first wake up! You can even set out a nice carafe and a glass the night before and sip from your nightstand before your feet even hit the floor. Another good tip is to make a habit of starting or finishing each meal or snack with a glass of water. Try to attach it to something that you do daily or even multiple times a day.

Switch it up

Plain water is one of the very best ways to hydrate but it isn’t the only way. Spice up your water by infusing it with fresh fruit or herbs. You can also try sparkling water or herbal teas. Remember that caffeine is a diuretic so if your tea is caffeinated it may also cause an extra trip to the restroom. However, it is better to drink a variety of fluids with success than trying to force down only plain water. We are all more likely to stick to habits that we enjoy, so find a method that works for you!

Keep it with you

Many of our schedules require us to be on the go and away from convenient access to water. Combat this by keeping a reusable glass or stainless steel bottle with you all the time so that you'll have easy access to hydration no matter what.

These three tips are sure to help you stay hydrated without too much effort so that you feel great and have more time and energy to focus on yourself in other ways this summer. Be sure to share this with a friend who needs a little help staying hydrated too!


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